Great conversation. For me, when I finally got serious about studying God's Word from front to back, realized my convictions, and looked for someone who was saying what I was seeing, it was the reformed preachers. As they say in the video, my generation has grown up in a very secular culture. We've seen it creeping into the church, this secularism, and we are tired of it. Reformed theology calls us away from the cultures way of thinking in the church to truly rely on the sovereignty of God. The best part is what Dr. Mohler says at 6:25. If you aren't familiar with him he is the president of Southern Baptist Seminary. What Ligon Duncan says at 7:22 is pretty good too. If your not familiar with lingo like PCA, Acts 29, etc., I encourage you to do some research. Enjoy!

The Perfect Youth Pastor

This is a video they showed us at the Refuge conference a few weeks back. I love it.