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Thanks for your prayers while my brother and I were in Malaysia. It was an awesome trip. We were able to meet tons of people there and pray with them. A lot of our time was spent prayer walking which was right up my alley. God has given me a desire to pray for the nations and it was great to be in Malaysia, praying for and with people who are so lost. Hopefully, God will allow me and Morgan and the kids to do this yearly. I look forward to the day when Morgan and Lela and Eli can all go together as a family. Please remember our missionaries in your prayers and the people there who are so blinded by the Islamic culture.

I have been having what the doctor called heart palpitations recently. So I went to the doctor yesterday to get it checked out. After doing an EKG on me she said she was concerned by the readings that came back. So next week I will be going to the cardiologist to have some test run. Morgan and I aren't really worried about it but it is always a little bit nerve racking when unexpected things happen like this, especially with my family's history with heart trouble. The peace we have in Christ is overwhelming, even in the darkest hours. Last night during our family worship we were reading the last few verses of John 13. The last verse in the chapter says, "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world." After I read it I said to Morgan, "Well, that was fitting." How amazing the Word of God is. It always brings us perspective in life and that perspective is found in the cross. Regardless of life's situations, the cross is the one constant and the source of life. We decided that through this trial, whether it turn out to be something big or nothing at all, this verse will be our theme. Remember our family in prayer over the next couple days as we find out what's going on.

Join Me In Prayer For Malaysia


Area: 330,434 sq km Two distinct parts: Peninsular (West) Malaysia on the Kra peninsula of mainland Asia, and East Malaysia consisting of the territories of Sarawak and Sabah on the northern third of the island of Borneo. Well-watered, tropical rainforest.

Population: 27,913,990

Capital: Kuala Lumpur 1,519,166

Economy: Export-based nation producing rubber, palm oil, petroleum and forest and agricultural products as well as, increasingly, hi-tech manufacturing. Large-scale industrialization and increased exploitation of natural resources has rapidly boosted the economy. Government-enforced programes since 1971 include positive discrimination in order to uplift the Malay and indigenous populations' economic status to a level closer to the Chinese and Indian groups who have dominated the economy since before independence. A new wave of immigrants from poorer Asian countries, attracted by the wealth, continues to increase.

Politics: Independent from Britain in 1957 as the Federation of Malaya. In 1963, Sabah and Sarawak joined to form Malaysia, a federation of 13 states with a constitutional monarchy. Recent years have been dominated by the efforts of the politically powerful Malays to extend their influence over the non-Malay half of the population in educational, economic and religious life, enriching and empowering themselves, while many normal Malays are left behind. The ruling party has recently lost its majority to a broad coalition of Chinese, liberal and Islamist parties. Political Islam, both in the ruling party as well Islamist opposition groups, threatens to further polarize the country on both religious and ethnic lines.

Religion: Sunni Islam is the official religion. Despite constitutional freedoms, discriminatory legislation and actions against minorities seem to be creeping in. Shari'a law, applicable for Muslims only, actually supersedes constitutional law on many issues, a portentous issue in a country with a strong and agitating Islamist movement. Proselytism of Muslims is illegal, but considerable effort and lawmaking is exercised to induce tribal peoples and other minorities to become Muslim. 62% Muslim, 12% Chinese, 9% Christian

Answers to Prayer: Greater accountability in the political sphere as a strong coalition opposition brings balance to Parliament. Amid significant corruption and abuses of power comes a growing hope for and expectation of genuine justice, political transparency and less discrimination against all minority groups.

The maturation of the Church. Growth is steady if not spectacular, but churches are increasingly engaging in the social and political spheres. They are increasingly savvy about how to operate as a vibrant and outward-focused faith in an Islamic nation.

Challenges for Prayer: Malaysian society faces a troubled and contested future as fault lines appear. Malays, the largest, most dominant and most quickly growing population, are divided among themselves on a number of levels. Pray for changes in the economic, political and religious realms.

Minority groups feel frustrated with discrimination and corruption as well as with changes to civil and religious liberties. Some seek legal and political solutions, but others plan for future outside Malaysia - potentially tragic loss of diversity and economic clout for a land that has long prided itself on both.

Islam is gaining ground in both numbers and socio-political power. Although many, including large numbers of Malays, are opposed to shari'a (Muslims believe shari'a is God's law but they differ as to what exactly it entails), the creeping changes in Malaysian public, religious and legal affairs are cause for concern and for prayer.

Islam itself is a battleground. With over 100 radical Islamist groups, there is never-ending agitation for shari'a and the subjugation of all Malaysia to a much stricter version of Islam. Pray against the imposition of a harsh, aggressive Islam, which would bode ill for moderates, for minorities and for any Christian ministry.

Apostasy laws make conversion from Islam illegal in all but one state, with many states meting out harsh punishment for such offenses. It is nigh impossible for a Muslim (and therefore, by definition, for all Malays) to legally change their religion. Pray that federal constitutional rights might be upheld in courts. Pray for discretion and courage for all Muslims who choose to follow Christ.

Ministry to young people is crucial as the generation gap widens and many churches consist predominantly of older people. The temptations to young people - criminal activity, gambling, substance abuse, sexual immorality - are more pronounced than ever and are part of the reason for the resurgence of fundamentalist Islam.

Five Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Church

This is from

1. Make sure your faith is only something you live out in public

Go to church... at least most of the time. Make sure you agree with what you hear the preacher say, and affirm on the way home what was said especially when it has to do with your kids obeying, but let it stop there. Don’t read your Bible at home. The pastor will say everything you need to hear on Sundays. Don’t engage your children in questions they have concerning Jesus and God. Live like you want to live during the week so that your kids can see that duplicity is ok.

2. Pray only in front of people

The only times you need to pray are when your family is over, holiday meals, when someone is sick, and when you want something. Besides that, don’t bother. Your kids will see you pray when other people are watching, no need to do it with them in private.

3. Focus on your morals

Make sure you insist your kids be honest with you. Let them know it is the right thing for them to do, but then feel free to lie in your own life and disregard the need to tell them and others the truth. Get very angry with your children when they say words that are “naughty” and “bad”, but post, read, watch, and say whatever you want on TV, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you focus on being a good person. Be ambiguous about what this means.

4. Give financially as long as it doesn’t impede your needs

Make a big deal out of giving at church. Stress the need to your children the value of tithing, while not giving sacrificially yourself. Allow them to see you spend a ton of money on what you want, while negating your command from Scripture to give sacrificially.

5. Make church community a priority... as long as there is nothing else you want to do

Hey, you are a church going family, right? I mean, that’s what you tell your friends and family anyways. Make sure you attend on Sundays. As long as you didn’t stay up too late Saturday night. Or your family isn’t having a big barbeque. Or the big game isn’t on. Or this week you just don’t feel like it. Or... I mean, you're a church-going family, so what’s the big deal?

Operation World

I want to share about an amazing resource I came across about a year ago. Operation World is the definitive prayer guide to every nation in the world. The book Operation World is the primary resource which gives limitless information on every single country. Information from economic status to challenges for pray. The website is also full of information and has several resources to guide your prayers for the nations. One of my favorite features is the pray today link which gives you a different country to pray for every day of the year. It has radically changed my prayer life and given me a clearer grasp of the nations. I could go on and on about how useful the book and website are but I will just mention a couple practical things.

It is a window to the nations for my family. Not only is it informative but it brings us as a family closer to the heart of God for the nations. During our family worship time we will open the book and read about the specific country listed for that day. As we watch the news and see world events unfold, we actual know about these countries and it opens our eyes even more to what and who we are praying for. It is amazing to see how this book has transformed our families heart for the lost in the past year.

It is a window to the nations for my youth. When everything they do seems to be self absorbed, from the games they play to the TV they watch, Operation World gives them a clearer sense of reality. There are 60 some prayer videos for different nations on the website that are extremely gripping and give you an actual look at the people of the world. I think it is beneficial for teens to not only hear about the nations but to see the nations with their own eyes. Each week we post one of these videos on our youth website and then every Wednesday night we take some time as a group to pray for that particular nation. As they hear, see, and pray, my hope is they will be broken for the nations and not only have a desire to pray but to go. We've only been doing this for about 6 months but I had longed to do this much earlier in my ministry. There just didn't seem to be any resources where if I wanted to know about a country, I could find the information in one place. There is information out there on different ministry websites but nothing like this and I would have to spend so much time looking for what I needed that it was overwhelming. Needless to say I was completely humbled when I came across this because it has everything you would want to know about the world.

So that's a little glimpse at what Operation World is and some ways I've found it beneficial to me, my family, and my ministry. Check out to find out more for yourself and see what God will do if we humble ourselves and pray and seek His face.

Here is the video we posted this week on Brazil. The video footage alone is overwhelming and should cause us to pray.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The first experience I had with Charles Spurgeon was in his devotional book Morning and Evening. My mom gave it to me when I was a junior in college and it completely changed how I studied God's Word. In the book there is a verse for the morning and evening of every day of the year. Each verse is followed by an exposition/devotion by Spurgeon. The beauty of his work is every devotional thought points to the cross, regardless of where the verse is found or how long it is. Since then I have read several of his writings and have grown to love his heart.

I am currently taking Baptist Heritage at SWBTS and one of the requirements is a research paper on a Baptist hero from a list of eight. Spurgeon was on the list and without hesitation I chose him and started my research. I've been overwhelmed by the example he has set for pastors of all generations regardless of cultural happenings. He was extremely and simply focused on two things; prayer and gospel centered preaching.

Spurgeon fervently prayed for revival. He knew if true revival was going to come it would only come from the hand of God. Soon after becoming the pastor of New Park Street Baptist Church in South London, at the age of 24, revival came. Several historians will say the growth came to New Park because of Spurgeon's tremendous preaching skills but this view overlooks his zealous prayer life. In response to the great movement of God Spurgeon said…

“The times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord have at last dawned upon our land. Everywhere there are signs of aroused activity and increased earnestness. When I came to New Park Street Church, it was but a mere handful of people to whom I first preached, yet I could never forget how earnestly they prayed. Sometimes they seemed to plead as though they could really see the Angel of the Covenant present with them, and as if they must have a blessing from him. More than once we were all so awe-struck with the solemnity of the meeting that we sat silent for some moments while the Lord’s Power appeared to overshadow us; and all I could do on such occasions was to pronounce the benediction, and say, ‘Dear friends, we have had the Spirit of God here very manifestly tonight; let us go home and take care not to lose his gracious influence.’ Then down came the blessings; the house was filled with hearers, and many souls were saved.”

Prayer was at the core and Spurgeon knew that full well but another key contributor to the revival was gospel centered preaching. Spurgeon said…

“Sound doctrine and loving invitation make a good basis of material, which, when modeled by the hand of prayer and faith, will form sermons of far more value in the saving of souls than the most philosophic essays prepared elaborately, and delivered with eloquence and propriety.”

It seems he took 1 Corinthian 2:1-5 to heart. He believed in the life giving power of scripture and believed it alone had the power to free dead souls from the bondage of sin. He said…

“There is a style and majesty about God’s Word, and with this majesty a vividness never found elsewhere. No other writing has within it a heavenly life that works miracles and even imparts life to its reader. It’s a living and incorruptible seed. It moves, it stirs itself, it lives, it communes with living men as the living Word. Solomon says concerning it, ‘It shall talk with thee.’ You need not bring life to Scripture. You should draw life from Scripture.”

As a young minister of the gospel I hope to have half the confidence in God’s saving power as Spurgeon. He truly believed in the sovereignty and providence of God. We must remove ourselves completely if we expect God to move in our lives, our families, our churches, and our world. I think if Charles Spurgeon was to charge young preachers today he would give the same charge Paul gave Timothy.

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” 2 Timothy 3:16-4:5

The Lord He is God

If you have watched any of the news this week you have probably heard of the uprising in Tunisia over political repression and severe economic issues. Some have taken it so far as to completely burn themselves in order to be heard. Tunisia is one of several countries in Northern Africa with less than 1% evangelicals and more than 99% of the population is considered Muslim. The radical action of the Tunisian people is a common factor in the Muslim world. Their willingness to sacrifice themselves for Islam is shocking. From suicide bombers in Iraq to rioters in Tunisia, the dedication is outrageous.

When I see this dedication I am reminded of Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel. 2 Kings 18:28-29 says of the prophets, “They cried with a loud voice and cut themselves according to their custom with swords and lances until the blood gushed out on them. When midday was past, they raved until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice; but there was no voice, no one answered, and no one paid attention.” Here we see tremendous dedication and self sacrifice to a god that does not exist. After their dancing and worship there was no response. Not because their god was asleep but because he was dead.

The nations are crying out for salvation but their god is dead. They are screaming to be heard but no one will listen. Their sacrifices are tremendous but have no value. When we see the nations crying out it should split us to our core. But does it? Are we broken by their desperation? Listen to Elijah’s prayer later in chapter 18. “O Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, today let it be known that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and I have done all these things at Your word. Answer me, O Lord, answer me, that this people may know that You, O Lord, are God, and that You have turned their heart back again.” Can you hear the brokenness in Elijah’s voice? Can you feel his desperation?

As we know God answered Elijah’s prayer. Fire fell from heaven and consumed the altar and the people cried out, “The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God.” The people of Tunisia are crying out. They are longing to be heard. Let us pray with desperation for God to draw these people to Himself. May their cry turn from upheaval to praise.

Cruisin' World

“Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” Psalm 119:97

In November of 2008, I went on my first cruise. If you’ve been on a cruise you know one of the first things you do is the emergency test. The best part of the test for me was the life jacket. Each person on the ship is assigned a life jacket and this is no grandpa’s old boat life jacket. This jacket is intense. It has whistles and flashers and possibly even GPS. As we stood there on the ship with everyone in their life jackets waiting for the test to end, I was intrigued. Everyone was so calm and happy. Why? Because it was only a test. We were about to take off on an amazing voyage. We were standing on one of the most beautiful ships in the world.

During the test the life jacket is important. You trust the life jacket and you believe in its significance but it is just a means to an end. If the ship began to sink you would still see the jacket as important. You would believe in it and trust it just as you had before. But it would take on a whole new meaning. It would be your survival. It would be your hope. It would be everything to you.

How do we feel about God’s word? Are we desperate for it for survival, or is it a just the norm for our “Christian life cruise.” Often times I see the comforts of our life keeping us from desperation. Christians in the darkest parts of the world put their lives at stake by simply meeting to hear the word of God read and it is enough for them. Christians in America demand a show but leave that show unsatisfied. There is a difference between depending on something for life and holding on to something for comfort.